The Team


Steven Max Patterson

Steven is a project manager and journalist for IDG. and contributes to Ars Technica and Fast Company. He coorganizes the Google Developer Group in Boston that informs the Boston developer community of new technologies, delivers skill based learning and provides a forum for developers to inform one another. He has worked to bring AR and VR to the developer community for more than a year. Twitter: @stevep2007


scott greenwald

Scott is a final-year PhD candidate working on learning and education in virtual reality in the Fluid Interfaces research group at the MIT Media Lab. His interest in rapid-prototyping interactions in software has made tool development both a byproduct and a focus of his research. He is currently finishing his thesis and his team is preparing to release an open-source toolkit for VR research (stay tuned!) Twitter: @scottgwald


Arpit is an experienced product manager, marketer, and a leader with experience in launching successful software products in the healthcare, advertising and ecommerce industries. He has a passion for getting things done and has organized several 5k road races and TEDxBeaconStreet (the largest TEDx conference). Twitter: @arpitgupta

Diane williams

Diane is a Computer Scientist and serial Edtech entrepreneur. She has been a mentor and/or judge at HackMIT, HackHarvard, Simmons Shark Hack, MIT Hacking Medicine Grand Hack and the Harvard WECode Hackathon.She is an alumna of MIT and Harvard. Twitter: @dianeew

Jed Rosenkrantz

Jed is the founder of VR Legal Strategies, a technology firm focused on VR, AR and MR content production and consulting for the legal industry. With a background and training as a lawyer, Jed is looking to bring Virtual Reality and related technologies to the courtroom for judge and jury presentations. Twitter: @vrlegalstrategy

jonathan linowes

Jonathan is the owner of Parkerhill Reality Labs startup VR/AR consultancy firm, founded several successful start-ups, and held technical leadership positions at major corporations. He has a master's degree from the MIT Media Lab, authored the Unity Virtual Reality Projects book and Cardboard VR Projects book, and hosts Uncle Jonny’s VR Podcast. Twitter:@linojon

Yue (Luna) Yuan

Luna is an MBA student from Harvard Business School and founder of Harvard VR/AR Club. She has worked as a VR/AR-focused investor at Rothenberg Ventures and is now starting a VR creative house for memory sharing. Twitter: @yuany44

Max McClaskie

As a Creative Technologist at Hill Holliday, Max continues to explore new and emerging technologies, and evolve the digital work of the agency across all mediums. In his spare time, he can be found exploring the outdoors, target shooting, and playing video games on his PC. For this event, Max has helped spearhead the creative direction, website and Hill Hollidays involvement in this hackathon. Twitter: @maxxgeorgem

Mike Rubenstein

The so-called “divide” between “Digital” and “Traditional” advertising is nonexistent here at Hill Holliday. Primarily because of people like Mike, who provide the vital connective tissue between departments, specialties and technologies. Leveraging his expertise as an art director, producer, and studio manager, Mike applies a holistic approach to projects in the integrated space, working closely with multidisciplinary teammates to ensure that their core concepts are supported by the right expertise to yield cross-platform optimization. Twitter: @rubicantekid

Praveen Aravamudham

Praveen has over 15 years software engineering industry experience in designing and implementing high-performance distributed software systems in various programming languages. Praveen is a hackathon “geek” ready to join a team, and frequently a contributor to a winning team. He mentors young developers and enjoys conversation about technology past/present/future. Praveen holds Masters in Information Technology and Computer Science from Syracuse University. Twitter: @Paravamu

Jacob Loewenstein

Jacob is a 2nd year MBA Student at MIT Sloan and Founder/Co-President of VR at MIT, MIT's VR/AR Community. He previously worked at BuzzFeed and Samsung Global Innovation Center, and earned his undergraduate degree at Princeton University. 

Burc Oral

Burc Oral, Ph.D., is a long time technologist who started his journey punching cards to solve geophysics problems.  Nowadays, he works on mobile architectures at the Staples Velocity Lab, in Cambridge, MA. 

Steve Callan

Steve is the Director of Technology at Hill Holliday. He and his group imagine, and bring to life, cutting-edge digital experiences on behalf of all of the agency’s clients. Outside of agency life, Steve manages, a local movement to increase the awareness of Boston-based startups.  And in 2015 he co-founded Flutter (, an online platform dedicated to helping charities raise money by partnering them up with local sponsors to create amazing experience giveaways.

John Dufresne

John is an entrepreneur and founder of 42 Equals Inc., virtual & augmented reality enthusiast, and all around nerd. John’s vision for Boston is that VR/AR is still the wild west of tech, and Boston can strong hold the reputation as the premier region companies seek to build and market VR/AR products and services.  John wants the world to know Boston is the home of VR/AR when it comes to marketing, legal, advertising and consulting firms. John wants Boston to hold the statistic for the most VR/AR designers/developers per capita coming out of Boston’s magnificent universities and drawing talent from around the world. Help Boston see John’s vision. 

Victoria Lee

Victoria is an MBA student at MIT Sloan and is passionate about product strategy around emerging technologies. She is part of VR@MIT and The Future of People Conference. She recently worked with Rendever, a MIT startup that brings virtual reality to older adults to improve the negative effects of aging. Previously, she was also at Microsoft and Boston Scientific and earned her undergraduate degree from Boston University.

Misha Sra

Misha is a PhD candidate working on natural locomotion techniques for multiperson experiences in virtual reality in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab. Her inspiration comes from the paragons of virtual reality like the Holodeck from Star Trek or William Gibson's cyberspace. She is looking forward to a VR future with Sword Art Online's NerveGear or Ernest Cline's robotic arms and doing her part to help build it. Twitter: @pixelscanner